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Get Faded

The Fade Haircut

Get Faded

‘The latest 21st centry cut

The Skin fade or fade is a completely different form of haircut to the original short back and sides. It requires skill and lots of time and due to everyone’s head being different shapes, the skin fade sits in the custom haircut group, as it can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour.
It simply means that your hair tapers from the bottom to the top and it can be as close to the skin as you like. This being said it does not mean that it has to be as short as a zero or skin.

The fade dates back to the U.S. military around the ’40s and ’50s. This haircut was short enough to keep the veterans looking sharp and clean. This was because they had a strict dress code and their grooming standards were unmeasurable!The cut was a way to make them look like they meant business and was not to be messed with.
After the war, the fade faded out for a couple of decades but then was adopted into the Hip Hop and RNB culture in the 1980s.
This was then artists such as The Fresh Prince aka Will Smith, Kid n Play, and Dj
Jazzy Jeff took on the flat top skin fade which kicked off an almighty trend that would last for the next 10 years!

American Bearded Man looks on the river bank
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Since then the fade has once again made its way back into the spotlight and is more conventional than ever with the style ever changing from person to person. The 2000’s has seen some amazing fades from barbers all over the world who take pride in how their clients look. It’s becoming a sensation amongst the younger generation and has even caught on to our most loved Generation X.

The fade will never go out of style as it can be changed to suit each individual who receives it, such as:
* A “High Skin Fade” may almost reach the crown of your head before it blends
into the hair on top of the head. This results in a lot of exposed skin on the
sides and the back.
* A “Medium Skin Fade” will begin to get longer right around the middle of the
head. The skin sits around the temples of the head and fades up accordingly.
* A “Low Skin Fade” reveals very little skin- just a little on the upper neck and
leaves short hairs that get longer as it runs up to the crown of your head.
This is the most subtle of all fades.

Even more so now with plenty of females adhering the edgy style but with the faded undercut or side shave. Even though Confident Man is classified as a barber shop, that won’t stop the barbers meeting every clipper fade need for male or female!