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The Caesar

Short Back & Sides Haircut

Short Back & Sides

‘the caesar’ a 2046 year old roman empire cut

Man with the Caesar haircut

The Short Back and Sides haircut, otherwise known as ‘The Caesar’ dates back to the Roman Empire which existed a very long time ago, around 27BC! If you don’t know how old that is, it’s over 2046 years old. During these times, there was a high level of conflict between competing empires so it was decided that all men were required to have their hair cut short, and faces clean shaved so enemies could not grab these areas and pull them during combat to create an unfair advantage.

The Caesar has since transitioned during the past 2046 years, through many empires and while it continued its traditional short back and sides cut, during the late 1900’s the top was changed to match the customers styling requirements.

An extreme version of the short back and sides, known as the ‘Undercut’ was strict military regulation for British and German soldiers during WW1 and WW2. After WW2 the undercut began to gain better recognition and it was often requested in barber shops during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Only during recent TV 1990’s to 2020’s shows has it finally made a full comeback to mainstream barber shops, where customers ask for variations of it every day. This keeps the barbers at Confident Man on our toes, as we adapt a 2046 year old haircut to be facebook and instagram ready.

There’s not much to maintaining a short back and sides haircut. It’s one of the few haircuts that generally grow even lengths of hair from all sides which will result in a grown out classic look. Barbers at Confident Man will usually just offer a tidy up, unless your hair has grown unevenly.