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About Us

The Best Barber Shop Near Me

The Best Barber Shop Near Me

You’ve found it!

Bearded man in a barbershop

We’re a Confident Barber shop. A modern industrial space in the heart of Subiaco. and we’re the best barbershop around.

We offer a combination of modern and traditional cuts in our brand new, modern shop, to boys and men (and women!) of all ages.

From skin fades to shaves, trims, colours and washes, we provide everything you need to look and feel your best. Hipster styles, wild manes, unruly eyebrows – there’s nothing we can’t work with.

A good barber offers more than a simple haircut. It’s about creating an experience where you feel utterly relaxed and comfortable. Put your feet up, enjoy an ice-cold beer (or a cider), and let us do all the work.

Our customers love it.

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“Great place for a haircut in Subiaco! Super friendly and talented barber.” – Matthew Haworth

Whatever your desired cut, we aim to create a fresh looking, revitalised you. Get rid of those stray hairs and rock a clean, stylish cut.

Beard getting wild? We’ll take care of it, with an expert beard trim that will have your friends asking where you got it (you can tell them, just the best barbershop near me).

We also provide the latest top quality men’s grooming products. Just ask our team which product would be perfect for you, or if you have a favourite, let us know.

Did you know the research shows 81% of men feel extra confident in the weeks just after a haircut or a beard trim?

Nothing gives us more pleasure than providing a total transformation, and the guys that leave our shop often don’t know themselves.

It’s like we always say – life isn’t perfect – but your hair can be.

We welcome walk-ins, so why not check out the best barbershop near you?

You’ll leave a Confident Man.