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Custom Designed

Perths Best Beard Styling & Trim

Beard Trim & Styling

The Art Of Manliness

Bearded man in a barbershop

With beards now a firm part of modern men’s facial appearance, the emphasis in 2020 has shifted to “how should it be styled?”.
It’s not a one-size-fits-all reshime and styles are a big part of that.

Face shapes are very important when choosing a custom designed beard.
For instance, a man with an oval face shape can suit both rounded and squared
shaped beards. These men are the jackpot winners in the beard lottery.
No matter what face shape you have, styling your beard to suit can transform your appearance to more of an edgy look and can do you a world of favours!
Drawing the eye downwards, a beard can be the perfect way to elongate and
balance out a round-shaped face. For this look, a full, sharpened thick beard and a fun mustache tend to work best. Fortunately, this style looks great both short and long, so experiment with the length until you find the one that’s right for you.

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Stubble is a more subtle facial hair approach. It’s an easy way to look and feel a little bit more manlier and not so clean cut. Stubble is 1mm to 3mm in length. It can be shaped with special trimmers that can define lines so that it still looks manicured but can also be a more natural approach without the definition. This look has been around for a few decades now in the 2000’s brought into the spotlight by celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling, and even the Hemsworth brothers. It is an unruly look but it’s sure to give you the manly rustic edge that makes you stand out.

image (9)
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Short Styled

Different types of beards will transform the kind of man you are. Tidy and well-kept beards are an easy way to look a little sharp and sophisticated.
A few centimetres on the jawline and chin but faded in on the cheeks will be sure to make you look rugged and masculine but still tailored.

image (13)
image (12)
image (14)

Long Styled

A longer beard can work well when done right, but approach this style with caution. It is a gradual process to perfect the longer beard, so be patient. Also, be mindful of your grooming. You want to ensure that your hair is styled appropriately, so you don’t end up looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Opt for more modern, youthful hairstyles to prevent any unwanted overgrown look. Beard oil and beard balm is also a good idea to stop irritation and dryness and also to make your beard hair more manageable. If thats the look you want to go for then the ‘Bushy Beard’ is great for adding texture and enhancing your face shape. If you are looking to exaggerate your jawline, a bushier beard will do just that.

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